Selected papers by Larry Copes

The surfer problem: A "whys" approach. (With Jeremy Kahan) Mathematics Teacher. August, 2006.

Spoons and hugs: Whys reflections. In Rosamond and Copes (ed), Educational Transformations. Bloomington, IN: AuthorHouse. 2006.

Phasing problem-based teaching into a traditional educational environment. (With Kay Shager.) In Harold Shoen (ed.), Teaching Mathematics Through Problem Solving; Grades 6-12, pp 195-205. Reston, VA: National Council of Teacher of Mathematics, 2003.

Students as computers. In Sonja Schmieder (ed.), Talkin' Tall: Voices for "Millennium" Teachers. JDL Technologies, February, 2003.

Messy monk mathematics: An NCTM-standards-inspired class session. Mathematics Teacher, April, 2000. Reprinted in Thomas Hatch et al (eds), Going Public with Our Teaching: An Anthology of Practice (New York: Teacher College Press, 2005), pp. 143-146.

[I'll put up earlier pieces, such as the one below, on demand or as they resurface.]

Can college students reason? Paper presented at meeting of Seaway Section, Mathematical Association of America. Spring, 1975.