Larry Copes

I studied mathematics through a master's degree, and took another 57 semester hours of mathematics courses to complement my Ph.D. in mathematics education. My doctoral work was on ways for mathematics teaching to encourage intellectual, ethical, and identity development.

This preparation was especially useful in 30 years of formal teaching, of mathematics and mathematics education, and in working with teachers in workshops. The teaching included working with technology as it became available. I learned computer programming (in many languages) and taught some computer science. I also studied artificial intelligence, seeking insight from machine learning into how my own students and I learned.

I left the full-time classroom in 2000 and now spend my time working with teachers, both in person and through writing and editing materials for publishers. I combine my teaching and professional developing experience with interests in writing, programming, and artificial intelligence to develop simulations for helping prospective and current teachers. The experience I've gained in this area has also given me skills at web and database programming with which I can help other clientele.

Otherwise, what am I up to? I continue to refine ideas about the ICEKAP, SPOSA, and ITM models for teaching.

And the mathematics of contra dancing continues to fascinate me.

Here is a collection of selected papers I have written.

And here are some materials from recent talks I've given.

I'm married to science educator and chemist Jane Snell Copes, of Science Outside the Box fame, and we have a daughter Lynn, a doctoral student in paleoanthropology. I enjoy classical music, reading, walking, and contra dancing.

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