Larry Copes

I can help you envision and implement eLearning that will work toward a more mature and civil global society

Director, Institute for Studies in Educational Mathematics

Consultant in the development of eLearning materials

+651/451-3720  copes@edmath.org  AIM: countsepoc  

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eLearning and other educational experience

Design and teach online courses in mathematics and education

Design and implement online explorations of mathematical ideas

Design and program web sites to support eLearning

Design and implement web components of school courses

have taught mathematics, computer science, and mathematics education for over 30 years

experience with helping professional educators

many professional development courses and workshops for mathematics teachers and paraprofessionals

National Steering Committee, Interactive Mathematics Program, consulting, 2002-2004

The Career Connection to Teaching with Technology (U.S. Department of Education Challenge Grant), national mathematics consultant, workshops for secondary mathematics teachers, critiquing lesson and unit plans, 2000-2002.

MASP2 Program, University of Minnesota and various public school districts (NSF Local Systemic Initiative and Eisenhower funds), workshops for high-school mathematics teachers and middle-school paraprofessionals, summers 1997-2002

over 100 talks and workshops around the country during the last 34 years, in human development as well as mathematics education

consulting with authors and publishers on pedagogical and mathematics aspects of textbooks, doctoral dissertations, and journal articles

envisioning a more mature and civil global society

Perry Development Scheme, multiple perspectives

critical thinking



team leading

coordinated MATtours curriculum development team, distributed around U. S.

coordinated team preparing AUGMENT curriculum at Augsburg College

chaired five-member academic department for two non-consecutive three-year terms


authoring/editing texts for several college mathematics courses:

inquiry-based abstract algebra text
developmental mathematics text organized around thinking skills
text to teach discrete mathematics and calculus in the context of learning the Pascal computer language

a blog on topics in mathematics education and educational technology

23 publications since 1976, including

"Learning about teaching through writing simulations." Mathbits. (Journal of the Minnesota Council of Teachers of Mathematics.) March, 2007.

“Spoons and hugs: Whys reflections.” In Rosamond and Copes (ed), Educational Transformations. AuthorHouse. 2006

“Messy monk mathematics:  An NCTM-standards-inspired class session.”  Mathematics Teacher, April, 2000. Reprinted in Thomas Hatch et al (eds), Going Public with Our Teaching: An Anthology of Practice (New York: Teacher College Press, 2005), pp. 143-146. 

“Students As Computers.”  In Sonja Schmieder (ed.), Talkin’ Tall: Voices for “Millennium” Teachers. JDL Technologies, February, 2003.

“Phasing Problem-Based Teaching into a Traditional Educational Environment.”  (With Kay Shager.) In Harold Shoen (ed.), Teaching Mathematics Through Problem Solving; Grades 6-12: 195-205.  Reston, VA: National Council of Teacher of Mathematics, 2003.

“Humanistic Educational Mathematics.” Humanistic Mathematics Network Journal #26, pp. 63-64. June, 2002.

“Teaching What Mathematicians Do.”  In Murray, Frank B. (ed.), Toward a Knowledge Base for Teacher Educators, San Francisco, Jossey–Bass Publishers, fall, 1995.

“Mathematical Orchards and the Perry Development Scheme.”  In White, Alvin M. (ed.) Essays in Humanistic Mathematics, Washington, D.C.:  Mathematical Association of America, 1993.

“Educational mathematics,” For the Learning of Mathematics, November, 1981.


institutional employment

Institute for Studies in Educational Mathematics (ISEM), Director, 1980-present.

University of Minnesota, occasional adjunct in mathematics education, 2000-2001, 2004, 2009, 2010.

Augsburg College, 1980 (Assistant Professor) - 2000 (Professor), Department of Mathematics

Tuskegee University (Department of Electrical Engineering), sabbatical leave 1989

Ithaca College (Department of Mathematics and Center for Individual and Interdisciplinary Studies), 1974-79


B. A., Illinois Wesleyan University, mathematics, magna cum laude

M. A., Syracuse University, mathematics

Ph.D., Syracuse University, mathematics education (with 57 graduate semester hours in mathematics)

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